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Paraty, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

by Isabel Duprat

This 3,000 square-meters plot of land facing a marina on the coast of Rio de Janeiro, and the house designed by Bernardes Arquitetura, have made the landscaping paramount to ensure privacy without hiding the beautiful views of the sea and the mountains. 

As the house was already located 2 meters above the level of the marina and the pool was the limit of usable terrain, from which a slope of approximately 8 meters descended to sea level, it was difficult to make this protection with a vegetation closing without causing the walling of the land. ​ 

The landscaping project then proposed two walls on two levels at the pool alignment on both sides of the land facing the marina. With this cut we appropriated this area of slope, creating a pathway between trees and coconut trees added to the existing ones, punctuating the path on both sides, thickening and spacing here and there, where a greater view of the landscape was desired and thus ensuring privacy without strangling the terrain. 


In the area facing the marina, wind resistant species were selected, such as Schinus terebinthifolia, erythrin, ingá, Psidium cattleianum, Eugenia of different species, Sophora, etc., and salt air resistant, in the front garden and in the more protected internal ones, a vegetation with a completely different variety of species, such as philodendrons, ferns, gingers, cyclans, etc.

On the plateau of the house, two gardens permeate the architecture: one opening to the pool, and another providing a closure to protect the house from the afternoon sun. 

Plantas original transp.png
Intervention area 3000 m²

Project and execution 2013 – 2015

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