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Crown Shyness

This beautiful photo I got from my brother André was taken of the sibipirunas of this property on one of his bike rides through the neighborhood on the way to his home. I was intrigued by the fact that the crowns don’t touch. I went in search of understanding this and discovered that the phenomenon is studied, has the nickname "crown shyness" and no one is sure about what causes it. It is more frequent in some types of trees of the same species.

One of the hypotheses for this “social distance” is that the wind can help to keep the trees away by knocking the branches off each other, improving the sun's entry and preventing the attack of insects and parasites. Over time the tree learns its place and keeps the distance.

The certainty is that we are facing a beautiful event, that we can look at the sky and admire it.

by Isabel Duprat

photo André Duprat


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