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Designing 2

Talking about designing is difficult. I prefer to talk about the emotions that permeate the process, the intuition that traces the first line of the drawing and which is almost always the best line. The emotion we feel in unforgettable experiences savoring landscapes that somehow will exude inspiration. With a small color palette the savannah is so dramatic! How is it possible? Almost a synthesis of the universe. The silent Patagonia with its oceanic immensity, invaded by a constant wind frenzy. When, from the top of a mountain that we have just climbed, we contemplate the gentle beauty of a valley, facing the vastness. And many other visions collected throughout our existence that at the time of creation operate in an inexplicable way.

I prefer to talk about the idea and inspiration than about the concept of a project. The idea is simpler, less theoretical, more intuitive, less elaborate, or rather, less justified, but it is not easier. It is truer and liberating.

Reading a precious book by Peter Zumthor, Thinking About Architecture, in his thoughts on the project he tells us: “When architects talk about their works, what they say does not exactly match what their own works tell. This probably has to do with the fact that they say a lot about the thinking aspects of their work and give little to know about their secret passions, what really move their work ”.

I think that, if this passion disappears, inspiration runs out.

Writing and watercolor Isabel Duprat

May, 2018

Zumthor, Peter. Pensar la arquitectura. Editorial Gustavo Gilli, 2014


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