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Walking on the beach in south of Bahia

Precious moments walking by the water, enjoying amazed everything that emanated from that landscape, visit my memory with sweet breaths of inspiration and longing.

The beach, the cliff, the indecipherable color of the sea, the vegetation defending itself on the cliffs, the sandbank, small rivers running into the ocean making freshwater lagoons on the beach, make us feel completely impacted and attracted by this place. The force of nature that is made in the combination of these amalgamated elements has an enormous effect on us, difficult to identify. Lots of beauty to digest. The experience of this landscape surprises you with each walk. The colored cliffs expose their multiple shades on the slopes, mistreated by the wind, change under the different hours of the day and, under the moonlight, they are sculptural silhouettes. The movement of low, dry, full and high tides causes the sea to rise and fall under the orders of the moon, revealing magnificent reefs and corals or covering all these treasures up. The translucent waters blue in the dry summer with endless tones and become cloudy in the rainy season. Organic pools are formed of the clay that runs off the cliffs almost like concrete molded by water and sand, what a inspiration! Is it possible to imagine something so great? And above all they are filled with water and fish at the taste of the tides! How is it possible to imagine all of this together, and really be scenes from real life? It’s a landscape that offers us all its facets and wonders generously.

Witnessing this magical universe immerses us in a profound mixture of sensations that do not always give us comfort, because they are very stimulating, making us smaller and also making us better, and that is why it is necessary to be prepared for all this beauty. But they will always do us good, for making us know ourselves.

writing and photography Isabel Duprat

Summer, 2004


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